Are my Implants Too Big? They've Looked Very Wrong From Day 1. (photo)

Remove and Replace Oct 5th 550cc HP above muscle to 750cc MRP below muscle. They have not looked right from day 1. The implant does not fill my breast. Dr. told me to wrap an ace bandage tightly up high to push implant down looks worse everyday.:( What options do I have? Pretty depressed...

UPDATE: photos added

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Breast implants sitting too high

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Thank you for your question and photographs. Clearly your implants are sitting too high and are positioned above your breasts on your chest. While it is possible for them to come down to some degree over time, it is unlikely that they will move far enough down for you to be happy with the result.  Fortunately, repositioning your implants lower is usually a relatively minor procedure with a fairly quick recovery. I would generally recommend waiting three to four months to consider implant repositioning. 

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Breast Implant too Big?

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Thank you for the question.  If you are able to provide pictures it may be helpful.

Remember you are only 5 days out of your surgery. At this point, many patients would find themselves concerned about the appearance of the breasts.  I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.  If I understand the situation correctly it may take months (especially with larger implants) for the implants to settle into the pockets (and “fill the breasts”).

 I hope this helps.

Unsatisfactory breast augmentation

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Without seeing the pre op photos one cannot truly say what the problem is. Not only is it possible that the implants are too high (and large), but it is possible that the breast are too low. As I see from the frontal view that the areolas extend to the bottom of the breast mound with no visible skin showing  between the areolas and the bottom of the breasts. This indicates that the most effective operation might truly be a breast lift. It seems unlikely that the breast tissue is going to fill out with the implant. In other words (And without seeing the pre op photos and measurements), the breast were not just deflated (which is addressed w an implant ), but it was likely ptotic (or droopy) which ultimate requires  a lift. 

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