I Have Implants and for the Past 2 Years I Have Slowly Become Weaker and Sicker. Can my Body Reject Implants

I have have had many blood test and other test to figure why i feel like im dying . Then my doctor says it could be my implants cause u cant touch them and when you do it feels like the bag is scratching me under the implant and hurting really bad. ALso can my body reject implants . Plus i was just diaonosed with fibromayalga . Please give me some answers cause I do not know what else to do . Thank You Michele

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Implants have no association with illnesses

There have been numerous studies of the old style silicone implants looking back retrospectively over thirty years and prospective studies of the newer type silicone implants over ten years before they were released again for use. There is no higher incidence of any medical problem in women with silicone gel implants versus women without implants at all. The body does not " reject" silicone implants. If you are still concerned that your implants are a problem for you either physically or emotionally, then you should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to have the implants removed for your own pie e of mind. Keep in mind that the implants are not likely related to the symptoms you are experiencing.

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Breast implants and disease

When the use of silicone implants was widely restricted in the early 1990s numerous studies were started to investigate any possible relationship of these implants to a large number of medical problems. Other than mechanical issues such as capsular contracture or leakage, no illnesses were identified which were more common in women with breast implants when compared to women who have no breast surgery.

If these implants are tender as described she will to see your surgeon to see if there is a mechanical cause that can be treated. Otherwise she would be well to consider having them removed. Good luck and best wishes

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Implants and medical issues

There have been alot of studies donw in the past 15-20 years with implants, and there has not been any evidence to suggest the implants cause autoimmune issues. If you want them removed see a surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Your body cannot reject your breast implants

There is no rejection response to breast implants, and they do not cause any known illness. Emotional worry can take its toll however, and if you would feel more secure, have your implants removed.

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