Aching Breast: 6 years post-op

I Got Implants About 6-years Ago.  My Left Breast Has Always Had an Ache in It for Lack of a Better Word. Implants are saline, under the muscle. What's going on?

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See your surgeon

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You should see your surgeon for a check up. You may have developed capsular contracture, which is also associated with a tightening around the implant.

Cap con

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You could have a capsular contracture, it does not always present as pure breast hardness sometimes woman just have pain, see your surgeon and maybe get some imaging

Aching Breasts?

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Thank you for the question.

There are a variety of reasons why a patient may have “aching breasts”. Some of these reasons relate to the breast tissue;  some may be related to the presence of breast implants. It will behoove you to be examined in person by well experienced breast surgeon to help you determine what the most common source of the discomfort may be. This examination will be much more helpful/specific that online consultant speculation.

Best wishes.

Sources of Breast Pain

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Aching breasts are a common problem. For women who have never had surgery the discomfort is often related to swelling, especially with fibrocystic breasts.  Hormonal changes and caffeine sensitivity can both cause pain. After breast augmentation, discomfort may arise from other sources. The most common cause is capsular contracture.  Chest wall motion can tug on the capsule scar tissue which is inelastic thus creating discomfort. Occasionally a nerve can become entrapped in scar tissue. Massage and other desensitization techniques can be helpful. It would be a good time to have a check up with your operative surgeon for an evaluation.   

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Aching Breast: 6 years post-op

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Very hard to diagnosis the problem. Most easy cause is a sensory nerve entrapped in the capsular scar tissue. In some cases the medial pectoral nerve is damaged or cut causing this issue of an ache or mild pain. Long acting local injection may help but be sure the implant is protected. 

Breast implants

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When having submuscular breast augmentation your implant is positioned deep to the pectoralis major muscle and it lies directly on top of your rib cage.  To develop a pocket for this implant to reside it is very possible that sensory nerve endings to the chest wall are disturbed and sometimes permanently injured.  It is also possible that your implant or the scar tissue surrounding the implant may cause discomfort as they abut up against surrounding body parts.  If this is intolerable or has worsened over time, it is important that you discuss this with your surgeon.  A revision of your surgery or removal of your implants may be necessary.  Furthermore, while it is somewhat remote, the pain you are experiencing may be unrelated to your implants and should be evaluated for another source.

Chronic breast pain after breast augmentation

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Sounds like you may have a neuroma, which is scar tissue around a nerve. Or a sensory nerve is under stretch of the implant. I would see your plastic surgeon and have an ultrasound and/or mammogram peformed.

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William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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