Could Implants Come out From Behind the Muscle After Pregnancy?

I Got Implants Done 4yrs Ago I Got Pregnant 5mths Later and Since then my Breasts Have Dropped and the Implant Feels Like It Has come out from behind the muscle.. my right breast feels like it is deflated a little bit and i experience some cramps in it from time to time.. is this normal or could there be a leak ..

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Implant issues after pregnancy

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Certainly, your implants could be deflated.  It would be best to have an evaluation first to see what the issues are.

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Extremely unlikely

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It would be extremely unlikely for a patient's implants to move from behind the muscle to in front of it.  This is assuming that the implants were correctly placed in the first place and that no pocket had existed previously on top of the muscle.  Patients can certainly see some differences after pregnancy.  These changes can be more dramatic for patients who breastfeed.  The saline deflations are obvious, while some can be subtle.  It sounds like you have a number of concerns that would be best discussed with your plastic surgeon.  

Kelly Gallego, MD, FACS
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