My Implants Have Been in for 26 Years and One Side Has Got Very Hard

What's happening?

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Implants after 26 years

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Implants that have been in for 26 years and are now hard most likely have a capsular contracture.  This can be treated by changing the implant and removing the capsule.

Breast implants long term: one hard after 26 years

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In all likelihood you have a capsular contracture. In and of itself, it may not be indicative of any specific problem but it could be associated with a higher risk of implant rupture. In any event, you should be evaluated and it is likely that removal (capsuletomy) is advised. Your options include removal with or without replacement as well as the type of implant and consdieration for lifts, etc.

Breast implants 26 years old.

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Hi. You need to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon. I saw a patient with a similar problem last week. She had silicone implants. Do you know what kind you have? In any event  your implant is causing scar tissue around it to get hard, a condition know as capsular contracture. Your implant wall is probably weakening and if they are silicone gel implants some silicone may start leaking out. You may also need a breast MRI to examine the condition of the implant prior to any surgery. Your surgeon may recommend removal of both implants due to their age and discuss other options of replacement or breast lift depending on your wishes. Good Luck.

You have leakage of the implant

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You have capsular contracture due to the implant failure and silicone leak. You need to see your board certified plastic surgeon to remove both implants.

Old breast implants now hard: why?

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When an augmented breast becomes hard, the likely culprit is capsular contracture--hardening of the scar capsule around the implant.  Your capsular contracture may have been triggered by a rupture in your old implants, a recent infection (sinus infection? dental infection?), or for no identifiable reason at all.

The treatment is the same, regardless of the reason: implant removal, complete removal of the scar capsule, and placement of new implants (if you still want implants).

Capsular Contracture Can Make Breast HARD

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It sounds like you have capsular contracture around the implant.  The only way to address it is to remove the entire scar capsule and change toa new implant.  Chances are that if your implants have been in for 26 years, they are silcone implants, and the one with contracture around it may have ruptured. I would see a plastic surgeon in your area and see what they have to say.  I hope this helps.

Firmness of the breast with implants

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It sounds as though you have what is referred to as a capsular contracture. This does not mean the implant itself has become firm but the scar around the implant referred to as the capsule. The best thing to do is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who can review your history, examine you and then can make recommendations for any care you might need. It will be helpful at that visit if you have any information at all about your surgery, more specifically the implant information.

I hope this helps

Dr Edwards

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