I've Had my Implants Since 1999. All of a Sudden One of my Breast Hurts.

I've had my implants since 1999. I have no problems. All of a sudden my left breast hurts. Just to bend over, lay on my side or on my stomach it is painfull. Ive have not had any weigth gain. And have not had any trauma that would cause this. Can you give advice.

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Pain in breast implant

A pain in the breast after having implants for a long time may suggest a capsular contracture.  However, an exam would be necessary.

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Sudden pain in long standing breast implants.

My response to sudden pain in a long-standing breast implant depends on several factors. If you have saline without any decrease in size, it could be a sign of a capsular contracture. If you have a silicone implant, it could be an indication of a rupture with inflammatory response. In any case, you should be seen by a plastic surgeon for a history and physical examination and a discussion of your options.

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Pain after breast implant surgery

The most likely cause is capsular contracture. When a breast implant is placed the body attempts to wall it off forming a capsule around the implant. This capsule can be present within a week after surgery & is eventually present in all breasts containing implants. The capsule can be of variable thickness & have different properties from patient to patient & even right breast vs. left breast. Thicker capsules can contract mishaping the breast & in some cases also cause pain. It is not known exactly why some capsules become more problematic cosmetically speaking than others. It is thought that blood around the implant at the time of surgery or low grade infection early or late after surgery is the culprit. Some capsules cause problems early after surgery & some take years to transform into a problematic capsule. It's not known whether all capsules eventually become problematic but this is a distinct possibility.

The vast majority of breast augmentation patients have some degree of capsular contracture. It is only the more severe degrees with symptoms whose treatment would be covered by health insurance in which they only pay for capsule removal and they do not pay much. The less severe degrees of contracture are not associated with symptoms and only detract from the appearance. Their correction is cosmetic and not covered. You really need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to make sure this is your current situation

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