I Had Implants 18 Months Ago, I Now Have Pain in Shoulders , Could this be Related?

I'm just experiencing pain in shoulders and upper arms....can this be related to the implants

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Its possible, but back, neck, shoulder pain can occur for different reasons

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Its always difficult to know since most breast augmentation women do not have complaints of pain in their shoulders or back even with large implants.  Similarly, even the smallest breast reduction results in reports from the patient that their back, neck , and shoulder pain are gone.  I would evaluate other factors such as posture, your bra, your activity level all before you focus on the implants on the source.

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Pain in shoulders

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There certainly can be an association of neck and back pain with breast implants, or it could be unrelated. A good exam and history would be essential.

Shoulder pain after implants

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There may be a connection.  Especially if the implants are very large.  Good bra support may help.  See your surgeon for evaluation to rule out other pathology.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

I Had Implants 18 Months Ago, I Now Have Pain in Shoulders , Could this be Related?

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Unlikely there is a relationship but always best to be examined in person by your chosen surgeon and other doctors. 

Breast implants and shoulder pain

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While it is unlikely that your breast implants are causing upper arm and shoulder pain, it is within the realm of possibilities.  This may also be related to the size of your implants.  If you got really large implants relative to the size of your body, then the chance is more likely.

I recommend you see you plastic surgeon to discuss this and also see your primary care physician to look for other possible causes.

Best of Luck.

Pain in Shoulders and Arms After Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Although it is unlikely that the new onset pain in shoulders and upper arms are related to the breast implants, it would behoove you to be examined by your plastic surgeon. Very rarely, encapsulation of breast implants can cause pain in the surrounding musculoskeletal system;  this process can be diagnosed by physical examination.

Keep in mind that online consultation is a poor substitute for in-person examination.

I hope this helps.

Pain in shoulders related to weight of breast implants?

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It is unlikely for breast implants to cause pain in upper arms; shoulders-maybe. I've had patients complain of back, neck and sometimes shoulder pain with large implants. You should be evaluated by an orthopedist, or family practitioner. If pain began immediately after implant placement, then you might consider exchanging implants for smaller ones. Best wishes, Dr. H 

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