Can an Implant That Was Placed Under the Muscle Move That Position if It Has Ruptured from a Fall?

I had breast augmentation with placement under the muscle 17 years ago. Then, 2years ago I fell rupturing one implant and was told at that time there was no harm to simply leave them in and so the doctor deflated the other side. I have had several mammograms, and ultrasounds done in the past 2years due to cysts. I was then referred to a breast cancer surgeon who is removing them but commented that it appears my right implant is no longer under the muscle. Can this really happen?

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Implant moving out from behind the muscle

Yes - while it is not common, it certainly can happen.  I've treated several patients with this issue over the past 15 years.  

Typically, the common factor seems to be some sort of trauma - a car accident, a fall, orthopedic manipulation of the shoulder, etc.  The patient herself often has either a high-riding pec muscle or a low-set / droopy breast - some sort of anatomic predisposition.  Add these features together, and the implant can end up in front of the pec muscle, instead of being covered by muscle in its upper portion.

Patients usually notice a shape change in the breast on the affected side.  It can be fixed surgically, if desired.


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