Why Do my Implant Sutures Continue to Come out Even Though my Doctor's Tried to Fix Them 3x? (photo)

In 2009 I had to replace my saline implants with silicone; saline broke. 2011 the sutures in my left breast have started to come out. The same surgeon has tried to fix the recurring sutures 3 times, I have an open wound that can't heal because the internal sutures keep coming out. It's ugly and there is a lump forming around the area where the sutures are coming out. Why can't my surgeon fix my problem?

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Y Do my Implant Sutures Continue to Come out Even Tho my Doc Tried to Fix Them 3x? (photo)Answer:

Questions for your doctor:  what type of sutures are in there? Are they absorbable, like Vicryl or are they non absorbable (permanent)  like Ethibond? If they are permanent (I have seen those spit out years later), how has he not been able to remove all of them after 3 attempts? If not permanent then you have to think about another source of infection. Chronic implant infection (rare. Breast is usually very angry, hurts, exposes and drains alot) or chronic wound infection (MRSA. Needs culture)

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Chronic open wound

A chronic open wound at your incision site may be a smoldering chronic infection. This may require the implant to be removed. Without an exam I could not be sure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You may have infected implant

The cause of non healing wound can be retained suture material but most likely infected implant. You need to follow up with your surgeon.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Possible infected implant

It is unfortunately quite possible that you have a smoldering chronic implant infection. This must be suspected in any case of persistent drainage from an incision near an implant. If that is the case the proper treatment is to remove the implant.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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