Implant Still Wont Drop Even After Revision, What Can I Do? (photo)

I had my orginal surgery in 6/22/11(425 saline sub), and then a surgery in 12/1/11 to "pull the implant down" since my left implant never dropped. Now a month later, I look the same as I did before the revision! My breasts are still VERY uneven and it is clear the the left implant is still riding too high. I have expressed my concern to my surgeon and his staff and my only answer was to "aggressively massage" and continue wearing the strap. I am very frustrated and don't know what else to do.

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Asymmetry following revision surgery for breast capsular contraction.

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Thanks so much for your question.  I can understand that you are frustrated but I would agree with some of the other surgeons who have counseled for you to give things more time.  I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you exactly what will happen but I would agree with your surgeon that the only thing you can "do" at this point is massage, stretch and give things more time.

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Early postop revision

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One month isn't enough time to evaluate any plastic surgery.  The implants do appear as though they are not in an ideal position.  They will require close observation and a plan in the next couple of months if there is not considerable relocation.  It appears that you may require repositioning.


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Implant Malposition

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I understand your frustration. If you do not have excessive firmness of the right breast(capsular contracture) then it is still a continued implant malpositiion. This is a rare occurance after a revision but is possible. In over 25 years of practice this has happened to me as well. I would recommend at this time to wait and see how it progresses with superior pole massage. In rare occasions it will improve with conservative treatment. It is best to wait instead of going back into surgery right away(more bleeding if you are acutely post op). If after 3 months from your revision you are showing no improvement then another attempt should be made to reposition the implant. As stated, this is rare but it can happen. I am sure your surgeon is just as frustrated as you are. Hang in there.

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Implant Asymmetry after Breast Revision Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I'm sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced.

At this point, one month after your revision surgery,  I think you should “hang in there” and follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon assuming he/she is a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. At this stage,  is still too early to evaluate the end results of surgery.

Best wishes.

Poor breast implant position and asymmetry

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The photos illustrate what appears to be a case of implant malposition or possibly a significant capsular contracture.  Since in the description there is no note of one breast feeling firmer than the other, the latter may be unlikely.

Possible issues may be incomplete muscle release or pocket formation, unilateral capsular contracture, or a combination of both.

Breast revision to a symmetric shape and implant position is possible, should not be delayed,  and should be achievable by a surgeon experienced in complex breast surgery.

Mario Diana, MD
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