How Do You Know if Your Implant Has a Slow Leak?

a week ago i had breast enlargements,in the last 2 days my right breast has gotten considerably softer,less painfull,and noticibly smaller than the left,could this mean a rupture and if so when should i have it replaced

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Surgery two days ago.

At two days that breasts may be getting softer as the swelling subsides.  If it is noticeably different than the other one, you may want the surgeon to evaluate it.

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Leaking breast implant?

Go back to your surgeon and have them check.  It is common for one side to relax earlier than the other but in your case, the problem may actually be with the other side being too hard from fluid or hematoma around the implant.  This deserves a visit.   A manufacturer's defect in the implant would be very rare but can happen.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Implant Concerns

Contact your Board certified Plastic Surgeon to schedule a visit. Upon examination, you will know if there is a concern. best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Breast implant rupture,Deflation of saline breast implant

If you are experiencing a delation of a saline breast implant, it is best to correct it sooner than later with a replacement surgery. If you wait too long, it becomes a larger surgery for you have to reopen the space that has contracted down. You may want to consider switching to silicone implants to avoid deflation again and usually a more natural appearance and feel with less ripples. See my unbeatable all-nclusive breast implant special. Watch my videos. 

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Breast size change after augmentation.

In the first two weeks after breast augmentation, the breasts will become softer and smaller. This occurs as the swelling leaves the breasts. Sometimes, the swelling will leave one breast sooner than the other. If this is a large volume decrease and the implants are saline, it could mean a leak in the implant. This is unusual and would be noticed at your postoperative visit. On the other side, if the larger breast remains firm, increases in size, or starts to harden, this needs to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon immediately.

David Bogue, MD
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Early volume change in a saline implant is a leak until proven otherwise

It is very common for the breast size to decrease a small amount in the first few weeks following implantation. Most breasts will swell a bit during the implantation procedure, and it takes several weeks for the swelling to subside. However, if one breast has gotten significantly smaller than the other (whether one week or one year after surgery) then a rupture exists until proven otherwise.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
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Size change following augmentation may be a sign of leaking

Early size change at two days following a breast augmentation might be a sign of leakage if the implants are saline.  If the implants are silicone, it is unlikely that a leakage would manifest as an early size change.  If the size discrepancy between the two sides persists, you should return to see your surgeon.

Kevin F. Hagan, MD
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Saline implants, silicone implants

If you have saline implants then a leak will reveal decreased size sooner than silicone.  If you have a silicone implant you should have mammogram or ultrasound or MRI and that will show whether there is a leak. Otherwise it could be that one breast could have a seroma while the other not hence the size discrepancy. Suggest seeing your surgeon. HC

Helen S. Colen, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How Do You Know if Your Implant Has a Slow Leak?

Run to see your operative surgeon ASAP! Sounds like a leak if there is a size decrease. From MIAMI DR. Darryl J. Blinski

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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How Do You Know if Your Implant Has a Slow Leak?

Your description of a decreasing size of the breast certainly sounds compatible with a slow leak. Seek your doctors attention.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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