Breast Implant Slipped from Under Muscle

I recently saw a PS and he said that my implant had slipped from under the muscle. when i flex there is a deep wrinkle. He said that i could have revision or leave it as ilt is. Will the implant continue to move downward if so how can I prevent this from happening?

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Breast implants and muscle and exercise: VIDEO

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BREAST MASSAGE MAY HELP; SEE VIDEO BELOW: If this is not bothersome to you, I would leave it alone. To minimize this "animation deformity" avoid pectoralis strengthening exercises such as a wide stance push up, bench press, or pec deck machine. It is acceptable to tone or stretch the pectoralis muscles; just avoid strengthening them.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Slipping from under the Muscle

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A few clarifications. "The Muscle" is the Pectoralis Major muscle; a small triangular muscle which under the BEST of circumstances covers only at most the top 25-30% of the upper portion of the breast implants (placed "under" it). Obviously, the bigger the implant, the LESS of the implant is covered at the end of the operation and as the implant sags under its own weight, the less of it remains covered long-term.(Another reason to try and be conservative in choosing sizes of breast implants).

The WAY the Pectoralis major muscle is treated / handled / mobilized during Breast Augmentation surgery may determine the way it will appear AFTER surgery. We learned from years of doing this operation to NOT detach the muscle from its origins on the sternum (in creating "cleavage") because doing so resulting in bizarre "window shading" and folding on forward arm movement and contraction of the muscle ( to say nothing about hugely increasing the potential creation of "uni-boobs" later on by the collision of implants on both sides...).

As to :"Will the implant continue to move downward if so how can I prevent this from happening?".

No one really likes gravity. I am ambivalent about it; it feeds my family but also keeps a large To Do pile of papers on my desk and reminds my every morning that I'm getting older.   I seriously doubt you and I will discover a "cure" to gravity and aging. Smarter beings than you and I tried - without success. But - if you wore a bra faithfully you could slooow the effect. If you do want to under go a revision, you MAY want to go with lighter implants (? silicone) and have your surgeon put in an AlloDerm or Strattice (he'll know) Hammock to fight gravity and try and correct the way the muscle was released originally.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Implant position

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It sound like from your description that the implant gets a crease form the  muscle flexion.  If it doesn't bother you, it is probably best to leave it alone.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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