Havent Tried Implant Sizes Prior to Surgery Just Pictures, Is that Normal?

i have met with my DR for pre-op,he said he doesnt have patients try on implant sizes because it can turn out different once under the skin/muscle.i have showed him picutres on what id like to look like and told him id like a full C/D cup. he states on the day of surgery he fills it closest to what i request and also whats going to compliment my body. should i be worried about this,or is it common for DR's to not have patients try implants during pre-op/consult.

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Pictures, sizers or rice bags?

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Every doctor has a different approach.

Personally, I like to measure the patient's frame, and then help use appropriate implant sizers (to help demonstrate the approximate size, shape and weight) in a sports bra and t-shirt.  In my experience, patients find this to be quite helpful, even though I explain it is not exactly the same as what they will see post-op.  But I think it's more helpful than the other methods of rice bags, looking at photos, talking about cup sizes - which vary from store to store, or other alternatives.

Breasts Implant Sizing?

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Every plastic surgeon has a different routine.  Personally, my routine is exactly what your plastic surgeon has done. I also believe that “trying on implants” is a very inexact method of determining breast implant size.

In my practice I find the use of goal pictures to be very helpful.   I have found that the use of words such as “ full C/D cup”  means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.

Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate. Placing breast implants on top of the skin ( pre-operative “sizing”) is not necessarily accurate either.

I use  intraoperative sizers and place the patient in the upright position to evaluate breast size. Use of these sizers also allow me to select the breast implant profile (low, moderate, moderate plus, high-profile) that would most likely achieve the patient's goals. The patient's goal pictures are hanging on the wall, and allow for direct comparison.
I have found that this system is very helpful in improving the chances of achieving the patient's goals as consistently as possible. 

I hope this helps.

Determining implant size

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Different doctors have different methods for determining the right size implant to use.  Still, no matter which techninque is used, it is not as accurate as actually putting an implant in  and seeing how it actually looks in place.  Unfortunately, the patient is asleep at that point and can offer no input.  During the consultation, I DO use sizers to help the patient and myself in determining the correct size to use.  I also welcome pictures that the patient might bring to the appointment.  Basically, anything the patient can offer that helps us get on the same plane as to expectations is good.  There is even a free app on iPhones called iAugment that was developed by a plastic surgeon that can help you visualize what you might look like with different sized implants.   No matter what size implant the patient and I decide to use, I always tell my patients that I might "fine tune" the volume a little bit once I see what it is going to look like in place.  If the size that we have decided upon looks too big in place then I might go down in size a little bit.  If it looks too small, I might go up.  This has worked well in my practice.


Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 26 reviews

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Sizing implants.

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Best Ways to get the right size implant;

1-Sizers always appear bigger than a similar size implant. Always increase implant size by 10%.

2-Width of implant is first and most important determination for your doctor.

3-Rice test at home can help make you feel comfortable with the right size.

4- try the rice test with different types of clothing. What looks great in a sweater may be too big in a bikini. Yu must decide the type of clothing that is most important to you. My own advice is to look good in a bikini and always be a little understated in other types of clothing.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Sizers

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First of all STOP!!  There is no excuse for not trying on sizers.  Although I'm pretty good at determining what size implants will make a patient proportionate, occasionally I do get surprised.  I have all of my patients wear a sports bra to their pre-op appointment.  At that time we'll try on sizers until we agree that we've chosen the correct size.  A sports bra with implants is a good approximation of the postoperative breast size. 

You need to see what the end result will be.  And your doctor is awfully arrogant thinking that he'll get it right every time. When my patient try on the sizers I deliberately do not tell them the size of the implant because patients often get hung up on the actual cc's.   With my approach we decide on what looks good not on how big the implants are.

I recommend you seek a physician that works with you and will correctly fit you for implants.

Havent Tried Implant Sizes Prior to Surgery Just Pictures, Is that Normal?

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I stopped the trying on of implants a long time ago in my office. I found that a silicone implants shoved into a bra fit "funny" and I was freaking out more patients than it was helping. I now prefer the rice test, which they can do at home with multiple outfits on and pictures help too, but I try to get patients more into cup size than cc's. Like I tell my patients, you tell me what color you want your house, let me mix the paint!!!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Try Implant Sizes Preop

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Surgeons often have different techniques from one another. My tendency is to do what your doctor does. The breast implant is changed so much in appearance once it is behind your tissues that I feel to "try it on" in front of your skin is basically worthless and may well lead you to pick a size that won't look good rather than letting your surgeon try different sizes "In you" during surgery. I have experimented a few times and let patients bring in a bag of rice they think is the right volume and then letting them try on implants in my office and have often seen those volumes differ by 50-100 cc or more! You are paying your doctor for his years of experience in making patients happy. When you have never seen how the implant changes once in the body how can you be expected to make a better choice than him? Now read Dr. Lentz answer below. I also have 30 years of experience and  we both get great results with our different styles. So pick a doctor you like and do it his way.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

: Havent Tried Implant Sizes Prior to Surgery Just Pictures, Is that Normal?

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There are many ways for you and your doctor to communicate about breast size.  I find that bra size (band size and cup size) is the LEAST reliable because....   1.bra sizes are not standardized and   2. women wear their bras very differently.  

I find that "trying on" implants helps a lot of women see what they will look like with different size implants in clothes.   It also helps me communicate with them regarding size, because I find that what one woman regards as a C cup is not necessarily what I think of as a C cup.  I do find however that it gives us both a good "ballpark figure" on size and at least tells me how they want to look in clothes. This is an important part of the equation, but not all of it! The drawback is that it doesnt give them a real good sense of what the actual breast shape will be and what they will look like naked. (There is relatively new 3D computer simulations that help with this but I remaim frustrated with them when it comes to the droppy breasts.)

I also find it very helpful to use pictures to communicate with my patients, especially if they dont happen to have run-of-the-mill breast anatomy.  I will use my own pictures and pictures they bring in to help educate them on what is realistic (or not realistic) for THEIR breasts.

You can probably ask your doctor to try on implants if it makes you feel better, but as long as the two of you are communicating well regarding size and shape I dont think it is absolutely necessary.

Mary Gingrass, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 53 reviews

Implant Sizing Before Surgery – Sizers or Dimensions

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The best way to get optimal results is to use a combination of patient photos with pre-operative planning of the patient’s base dimensions. Sizing with implants in a bra are usually quite inaccurate, in my experience.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Best Trial Breast Implant Size before Breast Augmentation is Rice Test

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Many doctors do not place trial Breast Implants in your bra prior to Breast Augmentation because it is difficult for you to see an accurate picture of how the implant will look once it is placed into your body.

I do this because patients want to see it but I explain that doing this is not the look that they will achieve.

Photographs of patients who have had Breast Augmentation are also very helpful.

In my experience the best method for determining Breast Size or Breast Implant Size is a very simple test you can do at home. It is called the Rice Test or Rice Breast Implant Size test.

See the link below on how to do the test.

Placing Rice in a Baggy and placing it into your Bra allows the rice to move and conform to your Breast Shap. This provides a better approximation of what Breast Augmentation will look like. You can measure the volume of Rice in cc's for an approximation of what you want.

Of course, oick an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and take his/her advice.

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.