Does Implant Size Increase when Muscle Relaxes?

I am currently unhappy with my breast size. I am a little over 2 weeks post op and my breasts are far too large! I understand that 80% of swelling goes down the first 2 weeks, so this is concerning. What is even MORE concerning is that everyone online swears the implant size INCREASES after a few months when the chest muscle releases and the implants do what is called "drop & fluff" Is this true? Yes, I have Unders !

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Technically not really, but they can look larger.

Obviously the volume of an implant is mainly constant and does not change much when a muscle relaxes, but they can be slightly compressed in volume.  However, they can look larger because a tight muscle tends to flatten them, and they "fluff' and round out a bit when the muscle relaxes.  However, do not expect big changes.   Best regards,  Dr. Lane Smith.

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Does Implant Size Increase when Muscle Relaxes?

Thank you for your question. Everyone is different, and allow yourself time to have the implants drop into position, and the swelling to diminish, then evaluate the breasts.  They often look too large because they are riding so high on the chest wall.  I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Does Implant Size Increase When Muscle Relaxes? #breastimplants

Implant size does not change at all. The implant is filled with a specific volume. That does not change. What will occur is the pectoralis muscle and skin will stretch with time and the implants will begin to settle in a much lower position over the course of 3 months. I would be patient and give this time. Do not be so concerned yet. Whenever a patient gets a little excited right after surgery I try to calm them down and reassure them that things change so much over the first 3 months. At that time you can re-evaluate.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Recent post op augmentation.

I agree with the other physicians in that it is impossible for the implants to change size. The appearance, however, does change. You still may have significant swelling of the muscles and the have not dropped or settle yet.

You mentioned "drop & fluff". I believe you are referring to the settling process in which the implant settles into a lower, more natural position. This make the full and less natural look of the early breast upper portion softer while the lower part of the breast fills out. This is exactly what you want as it gives the soft, natural breast that you are seeking. I also agree that it is far too early to make changes. You are in the hardest period in which healing has to occur and we cannot alter that. It will take several months before the final appearance can be determined. Massage the upper breast and good luck. 

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Implants do not change in size

after surgery.  However its completely normal to have anxiety over breast size following surgery.  Its best to heal and allow your breasts to soften and your swelling to completely resolve and for you to get used to the new look and size.  I assume you had an active role in deciding what size you would go with and did not leave it entirely up to your surgeon.  If you are still too large, then consider downsizing and hopefully your surgeon has a good revision policy that allows you to do this with less costs then your original procedure.

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Need more time before you judge the result of your breast augmentation

The shape of the breast following a submuscular breast augmentation will appear a bit distorted until the muscle relaxes.   Over time the tissue will relax then the breast will assume a more natural shape.  Give it more time before you judge the final result of your breast augmentation.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Implants settle over a period of 3 months after surgery, so be patient.

Implant size does not increase after a few months.  That is nonsense.  The implants tend to settle over about 3 months.  As they settle, they tend to look a little smaller, not larger.  Plus you will start to get used to them (that takes a month).  The chest muscle has nothing to do with it.  Just a matter of gravity and gradual skin relaxation as the skin envelope relaxes and stretches a little to accommodate the increased volume.  I like to show patients photos early after surgery and then later (Check patient T.C., link attached).  Patients always feel much better after seeing how the implants settle over the first three months.  If you still think you are too big three months after surgery, then maybe you need to have them switched with smaller implants.  But that is a very unusual scenario.  So try to be patient and give it more time.

Eric Swanson, MD
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Most women think they are too large immediately after breast augmentation but this changes

In the first few weeks after breast augmentation most women think they're a bit large. By one year however the vast majority wish they'd actually gone a little bit bigger..

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Does Implant Size Increase when Muscle Relaxes?

The implant size stays the same. What changes is the breast contour as the muscle relaxes. Usually a patient can expect the upper pole to decrease in fullness, the lower pole to increase. It is quite subjective as to whether the breast looks larger or smaller. 

Best advice for expectations will come from your surgeon All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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