Implant Size Causing Depression, Remove Entirely or Replace with Smaller Ones ASAP?

I had submuscular silicone implants put in 3wks ago, and am so unhappy with the size that I haven't eaten or slept well since the surgery. I hide under a baggy t-shirt every day, and don't like looking at the mirror - I feel top-heavy. I was a 34A before surgery and am a full 34D now (350cc implants)...despite initially expressing that I didn't want to be a D. My doctor has offered to explant or replace with smaller implants within 2 weeks. Which is the better option? Risks based on timing?

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Try to be patient and let things cool down

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Thanks for your question. I'm sorry that you are not happy with your initial result. Often times in a smaller person the implant may seem overwhelming. This can be a result of the implant volume as well as the swelling in the muscle. This should go down and you will then have a better idea. I absolutely agree with waiting no less than 3months. Going back too early can increase your risk of developing a capsular contracture in the future. Hang in there. I bet you will settle out soon. Best of Luck!

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Implant change

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It is really up to your regarding the implant exchange. If you are absolutely sure that you want smaller then do so. I usually have patients wait a few months until they settle in.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants will settle - perhaps wait for a few months.

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You may want to wait until you are 6 to 10 weeks out.  These implants will settle some over that time frame and will usually look less full and less round.  Often this settling will make the implants look more natural and less round.  If they are under the muscle, it usually take a full 10 weeks for the implants to look fuller settled.  You may want to ask your surgeon if you can have more time to allow things to settle before you make this second, equally important decision.


Usually sizing done at the time of your consultation, before the operation, provides the correct size implant.  It is often swelling and initial tightness of the implants that make them seem larger then they did at the time of the sizing.


It would be a shame to rush into a smaller implant and find that it is too small after it settles in 10 weeks.  You may want to be patient and wait this one out for a while longer.

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

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