Which Implant Size to Keep B Cup After Mastectomy?

I am 5'2. 120 lbs with chest measurements of 36B before mastectomy. If I want the same size, how big should the implant be?

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Cup Size Is Not A Good Way to Discuss Breast Size

Cup sizes is no a good way to discuss breast size for many reasons. 

  1. many woman are wearing the wrong size bra, so the cup size they think is their correct breast  size is simply wrong
  2. bra cup sizes  vary form manufacturer to manufacturer
  3. bra cup sizes vary with bra styles even from the same manufacturer

A better technique to determine a desired breast size is by the use of sizers on a paient who has already had a mastectomy.  In this way you can directly observe that the implant matches the other side for unilateral mastectomies, as well as decide whether to reduce the un-operated side.

I generally prefer an autologous tissue breast reconstruction techniques using your own tissues from the abdomen and buttocks area.  Bilateral cases can match quite well, while unilateral may require reduction of a very large un-operated breast to achieve good symmetry.

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