Implant "Settling Time"?

My wife had a silicon implant put in her nose about a year ago. I am wondering how long it takes before it can sustain small impacts. We were laying in bed and she was coming in to nuzzle me just as I was rising from bed. Her nose and the back of my head collided. It didn't feel very hard to me, but it clearly hurt her and I think I heard a slight crunching noise. Now she is concerned her nose was deformed by the impact. Should we be concerned? I think I see a slight diff in the appearance also

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Implant "Settling Time"?

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  I've used straight, silicone dorsal implants during Rhinoplasty for over 22 years and even though the implant is quite stable at 1 year.... impact to the nose should be avoided.  Impact can break the internal suture that stabilizes the end of the implant just behind the nasal tip.  Impact may also cause bleeding around the implant that may lead to an infection and extrusion of the implant.  Unlike Rhinoplasty that has no implants, use of a dorsal silicone implant IMO makes the nose more vulnerable for life to hits and impacts.  

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Healing after an implant

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A silicone implant never really 'heals' and becomes part of the nose.  It always remains separate from the nose and can be moved.  

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Damage to nasal implant?

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After a year, all your wife's tissues have healed, settled, and softened to their maximal extent. So, if her nasal "clonk to your noggin" caused a crunch and visible deformity, you may have caused an injury.

I would advise waiting until swelling has completely settled (a week or two) and assess how the nose looks and functions. BTW, X-ray or other studies (CT or MRI) won't add anything, since injuries that do not change function or appearance need no intervention. Regardless of any study, if the nose looks different or does not breathe as well as it should, she will need surgery.

Relax, let the swelling resolve, and see how things turn out.

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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