Implant Rupture: What Happened and am I Just Swollen?

I have an implant rupture, or so I thought. 2 weeks ago I discovered my right breast was markedly smaller, the fullness of the breast on top was gone and concave, and I had to stuff bra. After 2 weeks, my breasts are back to being the same size, and the previously deflated one is bigger than the other one! What happened? The fullness on top has returned and is no longer concave. Did it actually rupture before? Is my breast swollen now? I have no symptoms other than soreness in right armpit.

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Breast Implant Rupture?

Your situation is definitely unusual;  unfortunately,  I do not have enough information to help you with a precise answer. It would be important to know if you have saline versus silicone gel breast implants. Physical examination will also be very important.

I would suggest in-person consultation with a well experienced plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Breast Implant Rupture: Saline is Different than Silicone

Breast implant rupture is relatively rare with a 1percent risk per year. A saline breast implant will deflate and you will definitely notice it and it will be permanent. Silicone breast implant rupture can be silent and you may not even notice it as your body naturally forms a pseudocpaule around the implant which can contain the silicone gel. This is why MRI has been recommended to follow the implants. What probably happened is your implants changed position or flipped, which can happen despite texturing to hold them in place. Check your implants to see if they are anatomic shaped implants. Definitely follow-up with your plastic surgeon. I hope this helps. Dr. Trussler

Andrew P. Trussler, MD
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Breast implant questions

I agree this is a little perplexing.  If the implants are saline and ruptured you should not have returned back to size.  Silicone rupture may present with this picture.  However, I strongly recommend visiting with your surgeon for a physical exam to evaluate the implants and rule out any breast problems that may have led to this scenario.

Michael L. Spann, MD
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Implant Rupture? Deflation?

To give a better answer, I need more info. Are they saline implants? Did both implants deflate? It is very unlikely to have both implants rupture with in two weeks. I suggest you go back to the surgeon that did the original operation and have him/her answer your questions.   

Raj Chowdary, MD (retired)
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Change in breast size with implants

It is difficult to determine what exactly happened to you without seeing photos or without examining you. If your implant deflated and appeared smaller, it would not have increased in size again in two weeks. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination.

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