Implant Rupture, or Just Another Fibromyalgia Pain?

Silicone implants are 3 years old (3rd set). Recently started getting a pain/tenderness in my right breast at crease. It has moved around side and I have nipple pain, no discharge or lumps. Pain is now every day. Going to go see my PS to talk about MRI or ultrasound. Which do you recommend, and does this sound like a rupture or just pain from chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia that I was recently diagnosed with? Worried and scared this could be the cause of my fibro pain. Your thoughts?

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Breast pain and fibromyalgia.

You are on your third set of implants, but did not state whether this was because of size change or treatment of problems like malposition or capsular contracture. Seeing your plastic surgeon is a good idea, because there are too many other physicians who cannot give you much help or relief with fibromyalgia who will all-too-easily "blame" your implants.

There is NO scientific evidence in the medical literature over the past 50 years that shows any cause-and-effect statistical significance between silicone gel implants and any sort of autoimmune or human adjuvant disease such as lupus, scleroderma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, myositis, or a host of other "possible" associations.

You could be having capsular contracture causing nerve pain as the scar pulls on sensory nerves, but even removing your implants will not "remove" the scar tissue that may be the cause of your symptoms. Your plastic surgeon can help you sort things out, but be prepared for him or her to not jump to a surgical recommendation right away (because it will not likely be helpful in some cases). MRI or ultrasound might be of some value, or could muddy the issue with erroneous reports of "implant rupture" when none is present. 21% of MRI studies were incorrect when reporting "ruptured" implants, later found to perfectly intact at surgery. Follow your plastic surgeon's advice, and get another opinion if needed. Best wishes and good luck!

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