Third Implant Revision? Want Higher Cleavage and Perkier Breasts?

I ve already had my breast implants done twice in 9 years , due o the fact the first time I had a capsular , so a year later I had a capsolectomey and opted for a bigger size now I had rippling a few months after that so now 5 years later since my last surgery I want cohesive gel high profile , I'm 511 weight 174lbs and I'm 35 I'm a 38d I have 900cc left side and 950cc right both over filled that have lost there stand lol I want to have higher cleavage and peerkier breasts without a bra .

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Third implant revision

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately without pictures and more importantly in person evaluation it would be difficult to answer your question. You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon who has interest in breast revision surgery, address your concerns and how you want your breasts to look and go from there. 

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