Implant Revision Too Small? (photo)

Had my 16yr 36b/c cup implants replaced by my surgeon 3 days ago.We went with hp for upper pole.I took my 2 bras to show him what i wanted.He said he could fill the full d cup.In recovery he told me he had put a bigger size in (325cc) and was happy.Next day i had to go to 36 c for more support.Today i find i am 1 inch smaller round bust than pre op.They look exactly the same.Will i get bigger,or even smaller & do i have to get more finance to have them redone? i hae emailed and called. im so upset :(

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Increase in size requires an addition of at least 100-150cc volume for you to start to see the differences clearly

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It would be critical to know what your implant size was before your surgery.  From the photos, your postop breasts do look larger than your preop breasts.  But, obviously you wished that you were larger.  Generally in my opinion, a noticeable increase in breast size requires you to increase the size of the implants by at least 100-150cc for you to see any difference at all.  Also, I often use sizers (temporary implants that are just used during surgery) to see what the breast looks like with a particular sized implant.  So, ask your surgeon if he or she was able to determine what size your old implants were and then you can start to plan on what size you want to go to if you decide to have your implants exchanged again. Given that you have a 325cc implant now and you want to go bigger, you may want to think about 425cc or higher in your next surgery to get to the size you want.

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Implant Revision Too Small?

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From the photos, the new size does look somewhat larger, in that the breast skin looks full in the post-op photos, but not in the pre-ops. Apparently that is less change than you expected. The implants seem better positioned, in that they don't extend as much beyond the chest wall.

It would be helpful to know the size of the implant, in cc's, that was removed. (Consider adding this info to your question.) Although there are no standardized definitions of cup size, as a general rule, most surgeons feel that a cup size increase in breast size will require about 200 to 225 cc of implant. 

There is not usually a lot of swelling after breast enlargement, particularly when there is a simple removal and replacement, so I would not expect the breasts to look smaller in time. Nor would I expect them to appear larger. 

Stay in communication with your surgeon. Thanks for  your question, and best wishes.

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