Breast Reconstruction Implant Revision - More Expansion Needed?

I saw a plastic surgeon because I am having pressure and pain across my chest. I have a 250 cc implant. He told me that my current implant is way too small for my body. There is also scar tissue. He said to go with a 425-450 high profile. Will I have to go through further expansion? If the implant is a more concervative size can I avoid re expansion? I personally think this is way too big I am 5'5 145 lb. I feel the larger the implant the more chance of complications. It has been 4 years.

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Breast reconstruction and implant exchange

Often an implant exchange can take place without needing further expansion. This can sometimes be achieved by just placing a larger implant in and releasing some scar tissue.

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Implant size and breast reconstruction

The proper implant size for you really depends on the size of your natural breast. Typically, we as plastic surgeons try to match your natural breast in size and shape.  It is difficult to know what size you need without an exam.  Often releasing scar tissue can relieve the tightness associated with implant reconstruction, though some patients continue to have discomfort after scar release and revision.  Go to a larger implant can often be achieved without tissue expansion, though going from a 250cc to a 450cc may be difficult.  Again, an accurate assessment is not possible without an exam.  You are correct in assuming that a larger implant will increase your likely hood of complications, though 450cc implant should not increase your complication rate much.  Usually, increased complications are associated with implants larger than that.

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Breast Reconstruction

It is YOUR reconstruction - so you get to pick the size!  Don't forget that.  You WILL have to undergo more expansion to get a bigger size.  You may also want to look into acellular dermis which can be used to keep your implant covered if it is not completely under the muscle.  This will help decrease your risk of capsular contracture (bad scar tissue forming around your implant).  Good luck!

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Breast Reconstruction Implant Revision - More Expansion Needed?

You ask very in detailed question which are specific for you. Without photos and further history very hard to advise. My guess is further expansion may be needed. Seek 3 opinions in person from boarded PS's

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Breast reconstruction

It is difficult to answer without actually seeing you and knowing your chest diameter. If the implant is two small for the chest you should be getting a moderate profile which will be wider and not project as much instead of a high profile implant. Good luck

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Breast reconstruction implant revision

obviously tough to be definitive without picturesand more history.   did you have radiation? my guess is that your surgeon feels that the implant which is placed is either too narrow for your chest wall, or it is simply smaller than the other breast.  your complaint was pain and pressure.  if you think it looks fine sometimes just a capsulotomy( breaking up the scar tissue ) will help the pain and a larger implant can be placed without more expansion.  good luck

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Breast reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction complications, implants

Certainly that is a significant increase in size.  That can only be determined through evaluation of you soft tissue and chest wall.  I use a measurements to guid the choice of implants.  If you are uncomfortable with the size then you should discuss that.  There are also imaging systems that can be helpful when trying to solve these problems.

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