Implant Replacement, Capsulectomy and Reconstruction Lift or No?

I have been seeing two very respected Drs with two different t opinions. I need to have my implants removed and replaced. A prior capsulectomy left me with Mich tissue loss on the left. I now need alloderm. One Dr says I must have a lift for a good result. The other feels a lift is too much additional surgery and the result will be acceptable without the lift. Though

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Breast asymmetry

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Any question related to breast asymmetry first requires at least photographs, but an exam in person is essential.  Sorry.  Good luck.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Differing Opinions regarding Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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Obtaining different pieces of advice from different plastic surgeons is not unusual; this is the nature of plastic surgery.  In other words, there may be several different ways to handle a specific “problem”.

My best recommendation is to be very direct with your plastic surgeon consultants; ask to see lots of examples of their work helping patients in your situation. For example, if one plastic surgeon states that a breast lift is not necessary, ask him to show you examples of similar patients who have had good results without the breast lift procedure.

 If still in doubt, additional consultations may be necessary until you  feel comfortable that a “consensus” has been achieved in your mind.

Best wishes.

It depends

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I too agree that without at least the photos Otis hard for is to comment appropriately. At these point either case could be correct but I think the alloderm sounds correct

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Breast surgery

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It is impossible to give you an opinion without pictures. Please submit front and side views.


                                Dr Widder

When opinions differ

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getting a third opinion may help you better decide what will work best for you.  As mentioned, photos would help participants give you a better idea of what would be best but your mention of needing Alloderm suggests you have extremely thin tissues.  Overlapping tissues can sometimes eliminate the need for Alloderm (and its extra costs).  Good luck in achieving your goals.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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