Why Hasn't Implant Been Removed En Bloc, Silicone in Lymph Removed and Now Swollen and Painful 6 Days Post Op?

I had 17 year old implants removed due to a rupture in the right, initially told they would remove en bloc but have in fact left capsule in, just removed calcified area, will there be toxic waste absorbed in capsule? Also removed 3 big lumps in lymph which is now very painful and swollen, what are problems with this, will it drain properly

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Why Hasn't Implant Been Removed En Bloc

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There is no way that anyone but your surgeon can explain the decision process during your operation.  It isn't always safe to remove the entire capsule, most commonly for women with large implants and small amounts of breast tissue. In that setting it can happen that removing the entire capsule can jeopardize the blood and nerve supply to the breast. Having pain and swelling at 6 days is not surprising or alarming, but the question is best posed to your surgeon.

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