Is Implant Removal a Good Option For Me After Reconstruction? I'm Not Happy.

Had unilat mx 2 years ago with 450cc submusc silicone implant with alloderm. No complications looks great. Have done nipple recon but no tattoo. Implant uncomfortable, feels tight. No capsular contracture. Pect muscle is always sore, ribs hurt, one year post procedure muscles in back/shoulder started to have severe spasms on same side. No signs of mets. I'm too aware of the implant (princess and the pea) and am curious if having it removed would help and what complications I might encounter.

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Breast Implant Pain and Discomfort after Breast Reconstruction

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Your question cannot really be ethically and accurately be answered without a thorough examination. Your symptoms may well be associated with a capsular contracture but only an examination would tell.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast reconstruction

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Without an exam it is hard to say what is causing you pain. It could be a capsule formation that it tight. If you are a candidate for autologous tissue reconstruction( using your own tissue) you may want to consider it.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Removal May Not Be The Solution

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Discuss your concerns with your oncologist and plastic surgeon. The oncologist can evaluate you for recurrent or metastatic cancer. The plastic surgeon can evaluate you for implant related problems. Physical therapy, chronic pain management or other treatments could be beneficial. Rather than deciding that breast implant removal is the only option, have an open mind in discussing your concerns with your doctors.

David S. Motoki, MD
Draper Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reconstruction

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I would recommend discussing the issue with your plastic surgeon. Discuss your options before you remove the implant

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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