Is It Safe To Have My Implant Removed After 2 Months?

Okay so I had a goretex implant plus cartilage on the tip of my nose, I am unhappy with the result and I am wondering if it is still safe to have the implant remove after 2 months? No removal of tissue or cartilage was done, just augmentation. I wonder if my nose would return to normal? Can the cartilage be removed as well after 2 months or would it be difficult to have the whole implant taken out? I also have a skin indentation on the right part of my nose near the eyes can it still be fixed?

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Is It Safe To Have My Implant Removed After 2 Months?

  It is probably safe to remove the implant at 2 months.  However, this may not be the optimal time due to the swelling and inflammation present.  Your surgeon will have the best advice as he or she will know more about you.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Revision rhinoplasty 2 months after surgery

These are questions best directed to your surgeon. Without knowing exactly what was done inside your nose during your surgery, it will be difficult to give you a straight answer to your questions. Generally, it's best to wait about a year before considering revision surgery after the initial rhinoplasty.

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