Implant Removal Without Capsulectomy: Does It Impact Future Breast Cancer Screening?

I'm planning to remove my 2.5 year old silicone implants and considering leaving the capsules in. Will the remaining capsule impact future breast cancer screening (I.e. will it make it difficult to distinguish lumps, or have an effect on mammography)?

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Leaving capsule in place after explantation

If you have a normal capsule then there would be no problem in leaving the capsule in place.  Eventually it will shrink down.  It will not interfere with a mammogram.  

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Implant Removal Without Capsulectomy: Does It Impact Future Breast Cancer Screening?

Assuming the breast implant capsules are soft, non-calcified or thickened, it is unlikely that they will interfere with cancer screening, either by physical examination or mammography.

 I hope this helps.

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Implant Removal Without Capsulectomy

I think it unlikely a capsule would interfere with breast screening if it is not calcified or nodular. If the silicone implants have leaked it may be advisable to take the caqpsules out, otherwiseit should be OK. But this is a question for your surgeon as he has details of your situation we do not.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Capsulectomy and future screening

Removing the capsule when removing the implants can be done.  There are multiple factors determining whether it should be removed. As for mammography screening it should not have a significant impact.

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Breast Implant Removal and Breast Cancer Screening

It is unlikely that leaving the capsule will have any negative effect on breast cancer screening. The decision of whether to remove the breast implant with a capsulectomy (removing the capsule) or a capsulotomy (leaving the capsule) or even a partial capsulectomy (somewhere in between) is made on an individual basis, and mostly depends on the nature of the capsule, the location of the implant with respect to the muscle and for silicone implants, if the implant is intact or ruptured. If the capsule itself is abnormal, it should be removed. Discuss the pros and cons with your plastic surgeon, as they have much more information about your case, and can provide you more specific guidance.

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