Implant Removal & Fat Transfer, Should It Be Staged? (photo)

25, non-smoker, only had implants for 2 months and planning on getting them removed asap! I would also be interested in a "fat transfer" so makeup for volume lost etc (if any) in the event of implant removal. Would it be wise to "remove" and heal for 6 months before considering a fat transfer? Or would be it better to do the procedure altogether?

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We Do Not Stage it, Here's why

Your implants have stretched the original tissue area. At time of removal the breast collapses. The tissue area returns to the original size but it has the potential to return its stretched size. This is the optimal time to deliver micro fat grafts to restore the potential stretched out volume. If you would wait 6 months than you would have lost the space required to insert fat grafts. Also it would increase your cost since it is considered to surgeries.

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Implant removal and then fat transfer?

I fyou do not like your implants and want them removed then I would wait 4-6 months beofre undergoing fat transfer to allow the breasts to "settle".

Steven Wallach, MD
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