Implant Removal After Reconstruction

I am in the process of deciding to remove my breast implants after reconstruction. I had extreme tightness for more than four years. I still get tightness it is especialy noticeable after I use my upper body. My implants are not large just 250cc. I am seriously considering having them removed and not replaced. I do not want to go to my surgeon unprepared. I honestly do not know what guestions to ask him. Could I get some suggestions here if possible.

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Implant removal after reconstruction

I do not htink you need any specific questions. Although this is not a common complaint after reconstruction, it is probably more common on a breast that was also recieved radiation tharapy.  This can lead to a lightening on the tissues that does not always improve with time. You may need a drain postoperatively, but otherwise this is a pretty straightforward procedure.   Good Luck.

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