What Implant Would You Recommend for a Female Athlete? (Contact Sports)

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Breast implants for women athletes.

You have several considerations. Rupture of the implant is not really one of them, since all modern implants are very sturdy. The main concern is use of the arms. If the implants are under the muscle, most athletes complain of discomfort and that the implant bounces every time the arm is moved. For this reason, I never put an implant under the muscle in someone like you. In order to maintain softness in this position, I use a textured implant. Because athletes generally have less body fat, I also use a silicone implant since it more nearly mimics normal fat and breast tissue.

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What Implant Would You Recommend for a Female Athlete? (Contact Sports)

In very athletic patients using their pectoralis muscles actively, I generally prefer moderate to moderate plus silicone gel filled implants less than 300 cc in size placed over the muscle. However this is very simplistic and I will vary this recommendation based on individual circumstances.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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It Depends.

It depends on several variables based on the amount of breast tissue, the development of your pectoralis muscle, chest/breast width and the nature of your "contact" sports.  I would recommend you consult with several PS for consult.

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Implants for athletes

This is a long conversation with a patient in the office and very individualized.  With athletes, I like to maintain a conservative approach to the size.

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Breast implants in the athletic woman

There are several issues to consider for athletic women, only one of which is the implant type. With low body fat, silicone implants are typically a better choice, and size should be chosen carefully. A more important issue relates to what happens with implants under the muscle. With athletic women, because of low body fat and therefore less coverage, even with silicone implants there is a benefit to going under the muscle. The trade-off is that the traditional submuscular technique can lead to what are called animation deformities. I have used a split muscle/subfascial techniques for these types of cases, so that there is muscle coverage where it is most needed but minimal risk of distortion with muscle activity.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Implant would you recommend for a female athlete

High profile above the muscle may be your best choice. But an in person examination is best. Best of luck and regards from MIAMI Dr. B

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Implants for female athlete

There are many factors and variables to consider and each patient needs to figure all these out with their surgeon. There is no best single implant. I suspect that you are fairly small breasted so that the majority of your final breast would be comprised of the implant. If that is so then a silicone gel implant would give you the best chance at a natural feel. The best advise would be to go a small as possible to make you happy. I would suggest a round implant if you are staying small enough for them to not look too round, unless you like a round look. Hope this helps but be sure to customize your choices to your individual situation.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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