Implant Protrusion Post-Malar Implant Placement - Should I Ask for a Refund?

I had malar implants May of 2010. End of September, I underwent revision to correct a notch or knot protruding from my left temple. Additionally,he placed the implants higher than I had requested. The problem was not corrected & the protrusion is as obvious now as it was after the first surgery. My physician waived his fee for the "revision", I still had to pay the anesthesiologist & facility fees, twice. Should I ask my physician for a refund? I don't want to continue under his care.

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Second opinions and the unhappy plastic surgery patient

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Without seeing a picture and knowing the details including exactly what was done at surgery I cannot say what should be done or make a specific recommendation. It sounds like this is the wrong type of implant for you in terms of shape or size but that is impossible to know for sure without knowing the details described. The question is what do you do now to correct the situation. After 2 operations in the same area within a short period of time it is my opinion that most patients should get a second opinion by another surgeon before having a third surgery in the same area. To avoid any potential communcation or distrust problems with your surgeon have him or her recommend the second surgeon. That way you should not have to pay for the consultation and will not antagonize your surgeon.

Doctors are human just like anyone else and can get tunnel vision when dealing with problems that occur after surgery and a patient is not happy with a result. The best and least confrontational way to clear the clouds is a second opinion preferably by a mutually agreed upon second surgeon prior to the patient losing faith in their surgeon.

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Unsatisfactory Surgical Results and Refunds

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Hi Katherine,

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with your surgeries.  You can ask for a refund, the worst thing that can happen would be that you are told "No".  Most surgeons will not refund fees, but like your surgeon will offer to revise their surgery for the cost of the operating room and the anesthesiologist.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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