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Ive had 2 consults,have another in a week.Dr A recommends a hp silicone 500cc under the muscle.Dr B recommends 475cc silicone over the muscle, but didnt mention projection.I will be having a tt at the same time. Current bra size is 36b,maybe a large a. I think my bwd is 13.9, thats what Dr A told the nurse when he measured me.Both drs say I do not need a lift.I wanted to be a c-d, but both say I need to go larger for my frame,and excess skin.Im confused which placement to go with.

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Hard question to answer without exam

Without an exam this is a hard question to answer. Sizing implants for patients can be challenging. My approach is to evaluate the breast measurements, chest wall anatomy, and skin quality when determining implant size and plane of dissection. Your surgeon should be able to explain why a he or she recommends a specific implant and dissection plane so that you can understand what factors are being considered. 

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It is best to seek out several opinions with different plastic surgeons.  Overall I place many more implants under the muscles than over the muscles.  Check out our BLOG below.

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Unfortunately, there is no wrong or right approach. It depends on the surgeons experience and their interpretation of your anatomy and your desires. Personally, in the vast majority of patients we prefer to put implants under the muscle through a small armpit incision. To view more information regarding implant sizes and looks, please visit our blog.

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Implant choices and location

Without an exam, it is very dificult to suggest what would be best.  I usually prefer to go under the muscle in thin relatively flat chested women. I think it offers more soft tissue coverage. As  for the volume again an in office consult with exam is key.

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Placement of implant

In my opinion, it is the rare patient that needs an implant placed above the muscle.  There are several advantages of placing the implant below the muscle and very few advantages for placing it above the muscle. Make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery


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