Implant Pain Since Surgery 1 Year Ago?

My wife had breast implants over a year ago, she has complained of pain in her left breast ever since the surgery. The pain is so sever she will not even touch her left breast as it hurts to much. We have been back to her Dr. who as told her it is simply scar tissue and that there is nothing that can be done. I do not accept this what can we do.

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Persistent pain in breast after a year

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For persistent pain it can be a capsular contracture causing pain or in some cases a nerve issue that has gotten worse and led to reflex sympathetic dystrophy.  Early pain can be from surgery, infection, hematoma to name a few.  Best to see your doctor or go for a second opinion.  A pain doctor may be a consideration.

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Breast Pain after Augmentation - RSD?

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Sorry to hear about your wife's condition. There are a couple of sources for breast pain after augmentation. 

1. Acute pain after surgery gradually fades and should only last 1-2 weeks.

2. Acute, persistant pain right after surgery can be due to complications from the surgery itself, such as an infection or hematoma.

3. Postoperative pain developing months or years after surgery can certainly be caused by infection, but another source may be a condition called capsular contracture.

4. A very uncommon source of pain is a condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Symptoms include a constant burning sensation and extreme sensitivity to touch. No one really knows what causes this or why this condition occurs. But, any type of surgery or trauma can be an inciting event.

What's the solution? Perhaps a visit with a Neurologist could help to sort things out.

Thank you for your question and best of luck to you and your wife.


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