One Implant Doesn't Move As Well into Upper Pole?

7 weeks post op breast lift/ aug with 300 cc smooth round silicone implants. Left breast has been more trouble from the start. More pain laterally & especially into the arm pit with tightness and limited range of motion. Been doing breast displacement exercises pushing into upper pole since beginning, but with so much swelling I couldn't feel the implant move. Now that has resolved, and I notice the left is not moving as freely into upper pole. Following with surgeon,looking for opinion.

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One implant not moving as well

One implant is always a bit more stubborn than the other. This is often related to normal asymmetry. Follow your surgeon's advice.

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Breast implant displacement

Years ago there was a school of thought that displacing a breast implant with pressure, shifting the implant upward and out from under the breast, capsular contracture could be reduced. Most do not feel that a 'bigger' pocket will reduce capsules, and having a trick implant that slides up a bit unnatural. The swelling you have is the real problem that your surgeon should have a look at right away.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Implant Not Displacing Freely After Augmentation

It is difficult to give accurate advise without pictures and/or an examination. However it is safe to say that while it may not be noticeable there may still be a significant amount of swelling in your breasts. Typically your breast will improve over 3 to 6 months, but may take longer in some. Your breast may also progress at a different rate. Some of this tightness may also be the scarring that takes place during the healing phase which may also progress at a different rate and be altogether different in each breast.

At this juncture continue to follow up with your surgeon, as you are doing, and massage your implants as instructed. Good luck.

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