Implant Movement?

I had a breast augmentation, and I am now 4weeks post op. Received 375cc silicone HP under the muscle. Recently I noticed that when I lay flat on my back my right implant moves seems to slide lower than the IMF. The left implants stays in place. When standing they both look fine...but it seems that the crease may be a little less noticeable on right. Should I be worried? Is this a sign of an eventual bottoming ut??? I am not scheduled to see my Dr for a couple of weeks, should I wait or not?

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Movement of Implant

Perhaps the implant(s) has/have become displaced.  Sometimes displacement of a breast implant can impinge upon nerves in the chest or near the armpit, and this can be the source of new-onset pain.  You need an evaluation by your plastic surgeon to determine the cause of these new symptoms.  If a breast implant has indeed shifted position, surgical modification of the breast pocket can correct the problem. 

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Breast Implants and Bottoming Out

    The breasts need to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  There is no need to worry in the interim.  Bottoming out tends to occur over a longer period of time.  If this happens, it can be fixed.   

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Implant position in the early post-op period

is difficult to evaluate, especially without photos.  Assuming your relationship with your surgeon is a good one, please follow up your concerns with the office now instead of waiting for 2 weeks for your schedule appointment.  If there is something concerning, they can have you return sooner and devise a plan to best manage it.  At this point, speculating too, it is probably fine but you do need to follow up with your surgeon.

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Implant Movement?

Without photos it is difficult to tell what the situation is despite you description. This question will of course be best addressed to your surgeon, and whenever you feel something isn't right a call is appropriate. Your surgeon can advise whether you should be seen sooner than scheduled. Best wishes

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Implant movement 4 weeks after breast augmentation

It is difficult to answer your question based on a description only.  An exam would be necessary to answer best.  In general, 4 weeks is early in your healing process and asymmetry is relatively common.  Speak with your surgeon and be seen earlier if you are concerned.

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Implant movement 4 weeks post op. Normal?

Difficult to say without an exam.  It is normal for new implant to squeak and move a little due to air and fluid in the pocket.  We also don't know if the surgeon had to make adjustments to your particular anatomy.  Best to call the office and let them know your concerns.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Implant issues and movement

I think that an exam is in order. It is difficult to say from jsut a description that you posted.  Fold asymmetry is common.

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Breast Implant Displacement after Breast Augmentation?

Given your level of concern, it may be best for you to request earlier than scheduled follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Otherwise, it is doubtful that online consultants will be able to provide you with precise advice and/or meaningful reassurance.  Of course, some breast asymmetry and/or differential breast implant “settling” is to be expected;  whether or not you are experiencing early signs of a breast implant displacement issue can only be determined upon physical examination. Again, earlier than otherwise scheduled follow-up with your plastic surgeon  may be very helpful to you.

 Best wishes.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast implant moving lower when lying down may be normal but asked to see your surgeon

Thank you for your question. Photographs would have helped. It is early following your breast augmentation and your implants will continue to change. If you think the implant is moving below your inframammary fold or the fold beneath your breast you should definitely see your surgeon for an evaluation.

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