Implant Malposition How Long to Wait for Revision? (photo)

Im 3 Months post op and my left implant is higher than my right implant. It always has been higher (since day 2). My surgeon told me its not CC as both implants feel the same. Also, my left one is very uncomfortable , it feels stuck under my skin, i can't jog because of that. My right one is ok, i don't even feel it. Ive been wearing a strap at night since 2 weeks post op but it has not improved. I don't want to wait another 3 months because it is very uncomfortable, i would rather have it out.

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Time for intervention

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If it has been three months and the implant is too high and tight it is time to act.  It probably will not change substantially.  I often give this six months but you are unhappy and should proceed with release of the scar tissue and lower the implant.  I would suggest that this is indeed a capsular contracture and although it has developed very early in the post op period it can happen.  This should be corrected with a rather simple operation to remake the pocket surgically. Your surgeon can discuss all the options with you.

Implant malalignment

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The implants are asymmetrical in height. Occasionally, this can continue to drop. I encourage you to continue to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. If it is uncomfortable, then there may be value in reoperating sooner.

Implant malpositioned

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You stated that the implant is stuck and not moving. This suggest you have formed a capsule. After 3 months of massage and wearing a strap if there has been no improvement it may be time for surgical intervention to release the scar tissue and drop the implant back into normal position. There is nothing wrong with waiting longer but you are uncomfortable and there is nothing to be gained if there has not been any improvement

Timing of augmentation revision

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I typically ask women to wait for 3-4months if there are some contour issues concerning her. As the muscle relaxes (in submuscular placement) the concerns usually correct themselves.  I would not hesitate in offering someone such as yourself revision at this time. I suspect further release of the bottom and inner part of the muscle will be needed. Good luck!

Andrew Stewart, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Revsion after breast augmentation

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In general, it is always best to wait on any revision procedures to allow swelling to subside. However, if you have not seen appreciable improvement with appropriate compression, it is not unreasonable to explore a revision at this point. Your problem may require a relatively minor procedure to correct. It is difficult to tell for sure from photos, and therefore important to see a reputable, board-certified Plastic Surgeon with your concerns. Best wishes!

Timing of Revisionary Breast Augmentation Surgery for Asymmetry?

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I'm sorry to hear about the breast implant asymmetry complication you have experienced after breast augmentation surgery.  Revisionary breast surgery timing will vary from one patient to another. In your case, if the breast implant positioning has not improved over the course of the past months ( and especially given that you are  continue to experience discomfort),  relatively early revision breast surgery may be indicated.  In other words, revision surgery may be indicated at this point.

 I would suggest that you communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 

 Best wishes.

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