Implant Leak

I had Inamed cohesive breast implants in dec 2006.At the beginning of this year i found a lump under my armpit so was sent to hospital for an ultrasound they said the implant wasnt ruptured but it had leaked.Then a few weeks ago i found another lump at the bottom of the same breast in the tissue but outside of the implant. I have been getting pain in them.The doctor said you can leave them but i am not too happy about this.Is it also possible for this type of implant to leak without rupturing?

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Leaking Implant

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Wether the implant has leaked or ruptured it sounds like you may have silicone outside of the implant shell.  The best imaging test to get is an MRI study to evaluate the integrity of the implant and to determine if these lumps are silicone or breast masses.  It will also help determine if the impalnt has ruptured.  This should be evaluated further.

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