Revision Implant Issue- Seems Deformed.

My implants are only 2 years old, replacement for the ones that were 20 years old.Saline, above the muscle. I have on the top of each breast, on each implant, like a bubble,like an ant hill, something that you can see when you look at my breasts. Is this a defect, an implant not properly filled> I never had this problem in 20 years with my others. Why would I have it now and what is it. My dr says it is because I lost weight but I only weighted 105 when I got my first implants and now am at 125.

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Unhappy With Revision of Breast Implants

Sorry to hear that you are not fully satified with your revised breast implants. Saline implants tend to show more wrinkling of the envelope than silicone. Overfilling the saline implant reduces wrinkling but makes the implant firmer. The more tissue you have over your breast implants the more natural the appearance will be. I agree with Dr. Baxter that an under the muscle placement can give more natural looking coverage to saline implants.

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Saline implants usually better under muscle

Saline implants generally look better if there is more coverage, especially the upper pole, which is why they are most often placed under the muscle. This is especially important for thin women.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Problems with implants

I am not sure what you are exactly describing. Certainly with age, the breasts change shape and size so that sometimes the implants show through the tissues a bit more.

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Revisionary Breast Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, without photos and/or a physical examination, it is very difficult to say what is going on regarding your breast implants.  

Keep in mind that there are many other issues  potentially involved  besides weight gain/loss. For example, your breasts certainly underwent changes in the 20 years that you have breast implants in place (for example changes with pregnancy or with loss of skin elasticity etc.).

It would be your best interest to be examined by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons;  seek a second opinion if necessary.

I hope this helps.

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