One implant higher than the other - revision?

I am considering breast augmentation revision, because one of the implants is placed to high(four months post-opt), is it easy to fix and are the risk's higher then the first surgery? Is there a greater likelihood that that it will be placed to low? How soon after should I have the revision surgery? I am visiting my surgeon next week, what would be some good questions to ask him? He was the one that originally performed the surgery and I was very pleased with his service and everything went smoothly, just looking to make a minor adjustment (I hope).

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Revision to lower 1 high implant after breast augmentation can be done at 6 months

Thank you for sending your question and photograph. I do see the asymmetry and the right breast implant needs to be lowered. This procedure should be relatively straightforward for your plastic surgeon. Usually we recommend waiting 6 months before such a revision.

Implant asymmeetry

I would guess that your pre-op photos show a similar finding that the left one hangs a bit lower than the right.  You may need a revision but you may want to give it some more time.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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One implant higher than the other - revision?

You sound very appropriate and are addressing in this in a logical manner. If this is less than 9 months form the original  surgery.  I would give it some more time. The reivisio nshould be fairly simple with only slight discimfort in comparison to the original surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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