Right Implant Higher Than the Left

I had my breast augmentation in July of this year. my right implant has always appeared to be higher since 2 weeks after. My doctor has been telling me to agressively push down on the implant. i went to my 8 week post op, and the doctor pretty much told me I looked fine and that I was going to stay this way. he said that i was lopsided before surgery, but i dont believe i was.I am very frustrated and I am posting my pictures so that I can get an honest opinion on what I should do. Please help me

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Breast asymmetry

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Every pair of breasts are a bit asymmetric. One breast always is a bit higher than the other, and this may be the same after surgery.

Breast Asymmetry after augmentation

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The pictures you have submitted do not adequately demonstrate your pre-operative condition. IF you comapare your waistband, for example, the pictures are not at equal heights. I would still recommend that you wait at least 6-9 months and continue close follow-up with your surgeon.

One implant higher than the other

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A front view photo of your before and after, would really help. The front view is where you can effectively compare one breast to the other. The side view can give you an idea, but not as good,

Uneven implants

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It looks like you have some inframammary crease assymetry (your creases are at different levels) in your before pictures which may account for some postoperative assymetry. Occasionally the release that is done intraoperatively in the inferior part of the breast is more complete on one side than the other causing one implant not to "settle" as much. This is relatively simple to correct at a secondary surgery. Discuss this option with your surgeon but wait at least a couple of more months to see how things evolve. Hope this helps!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

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