What is the Best Implant to Use to Fill Out the Top of my Breast

i had a breast uplift plus implant done 6 weeks ago.i had a 320cc implant put in.which makes me a dd.i am still really unhappy with the result.there is no fullness still at the top of my breast.my left nipple has become infected.and there is 2 holes were it looks like the skin has come away..and my right implant has dropped below the incision scar underneath my breast .what implant would be best for me to fill the top of my breast out.high profile etc. as my surgeon never discussed this with me.

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First things first!

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I am sorry you are having some post-op problems.

Let's prioritize: Treat wound healing problems and infection: this has to be your primary focus and treated with a sense of real urgency!

Right now is not the time to think about what implant will give you the best upper pole fullness or the repair of the breast crease.

Once the infection and healing problems are completely healed and you are off any antibiotic treatment, wait 3 months before doing any revision surgery or implant replacement.

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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First Resolve the Infection

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Please see your surgeon as soon as possible regarding your infection. This issue must be addressed first before determining what to do next. Once the infection subsides, you can then see if you'd like to proceed with another breast augmentation and/or breast lift. All the best.

Wound healing should be your main concern.

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You should focus on the areola healing and not on a bigger implant.  Keep your PS informed on this and make sure you are taking all medications prescribed and avoid smoking.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Wound issues for lift and implant

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Before thinking about having a different implant placed, you have to give your wounds some time to heal.   I hope that you are being followed closely by your surgeon. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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