Implant or Genioplasty to Help A Slightly Retracting Chin? (photo)

Slightly retruded chin and deep labiomental sulcus. Lower lip angles outward. Need more vertical height. First facial PS said an implant would make the problem worse, and ref'd. me to maxillofacial ("MF") surg., who rec. genioplasty. Another facial PS thought an implant would work, but ref'd. me to second MF surg. for sec. op. Sec. MF surg. said neither implants nor genioplasty would give desirable result. Rec'd. BSSO, even though I have a normal bite. Seems radical to me.

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2 separate considerations for your chin problems.

Either a genioplasty or an anatomic style implant will correct the retrognathia, but not improve the deep labiomental sulcus. This can be addressed by temporary or permanent fillers or soft tissue augmentation, but only after full healing and resolution of swelling  from the chin surgery. I would wait at least  2 to 3 months to perform the latter procedure.

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Genioplasty versus chin implant

Based upon your provided profile, I think either procedure would work. However, I would lean more toward and anatomical chin implant which would increase anterior projection of entire jaw line. In addition, I would recommend some liposuction of anterior neck at same time to give you a better profile and cervicomental (neck-jaw) angle. It looks like you might be deficient in your pre-jowl sulci which would best be served by the anatomic chin implant. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
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