What to Do About an Implant Fold/hard Lump? How Serious is It?

I am 2 months post-op and for the past week and a half I noticed a hard lump on the left breast- bottom right corner which I'm assuming is a fold. It is 100% the implant as I can press down and it moves around. It does not hurt. This implant was for some reason higher right out of surgery and is still sitting high and square. It's as if the pocket isn't big enough. The other one looks and feels perfect. Stats: I'm 20, have silicone under the muscle 350cc PS Not possible to go back to my surgeon

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Fold in the implant

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You have made your own diagnosis.   Sounds like the pocket was not dissected enough living you with a crease.  Not much you can do about it.  At 2 months the capsule is most likely solid.  Massage may help.  If it does not improve you would need a capsulotomy,

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Implant folds after augmentation

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can occur especially if you are on the thin side.  As long as you don't appreciate pointy edges, it should not become a problem, except that it will be appreciated when touching your breasts.  If you are having issues with asymmetry as well and want to explore correcting it, you will need to enlist a new plastic surgeon since you say you cannot see your original surgeon.  You should get a copy of your surgeon's operative report for your records as you will likely need it when you see a new surgeon.

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