My right implant hasnt dropped yet. Will lifting weights postpone it further?

my left implant has dropped and fluffed fine but my right is still high up. I started the p90x exercise regimen and i have to lift weights on some days. could this keep my implant from falling into place or is it ok to lift weights??? its been three months since ive had my operation.

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Three months should be ok to return to regular physical activity.

You should be able to return to your regular excercise regimen after three months.  Make sure you are doing all of the recommended massages from your PS to help the implant drop.

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Weight lifting and augmentation

Tony Horton rocks!  I love those workouts.  Since you are three months out, you shoudl be okay it will not impact dropping of the implant anymore than other activity. I still can't do the one armed push-ups!

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Weight lifting after breast augmentation

Resuming full physical activity with weight lifting is best deferred for at least 4 to 6 weeks after breast augmentation. Submuscular implants may continue to "settle" for several months after surgery, and it is possible there is some asymmetry during this process.

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Implants dropping


If anything lifting weights early after surgery may cause them to settle too far down, if they are under the muscle. It would be best to discuss your progress with your plastic surgeon to see if they might recommend a modification of massage or possible consider some for of revision surgery although it is early in your recovery process for that.

I hope this helps

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