Does Implant Displacement Exercises Risk More Scarring?

I am 2 weeks post op for breast augmentation. I have 350ccs mentor saline under muscle round variety. I was 34AA or 100ccs each side and am hoping for a 450cc size. Since exercises I have developed a half pea size lumps on the drain sites and end of the stitches on infra mammary incision sites since exercises commented 1 week post op. I'm seeing the ps in 2 days. Is this normal?

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Breast implant displacement exercises should not cause scarring.

Thank you for your question. Breast implant displacement exercises are used by many plastic surgeons who feel that displacing the implant pocket and make it larger and lessen the chance of capsular contracture.

Regardless of ones opinion on their effectiveness, I do not see how these exercises could cause lumpiness in your scar.

Most commonly the symptoms your describing are simply deep stitches that are causing protrusion of the tissue. Be sure to consult your plastic surgeon for follow-up

Displacement exercises

Displacement exercises are recommended by some surgeons with the thought that it may help keep the pocket open.  No studies have refuted or supported this practice that I know.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implant displacement exercises

There used to be much talk about displacment of the implant up and above the breast to help reduce firmness from a capsule. There was a video showing a patient pushing the implant up from within the breast to demonstrate the technique. We like the imlant to fit within the breast hand in glove and don't think the 'trick breast' improves the result or significantly reduces a capsular contracture rate. Our suggestion is a snug bra, a breast band, rest and heal.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast exercises or massage after breast augmentation have no value.


Remember that tissues heal best at rest.  However I don't think you have done any harm, or that lumps are related to exercises.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Displacement Exercises and Scarring

Implant displacement after breast augmentation is routinely recommended by many plastic surgeon to reduce the chance of the formation of capsular contractures (which can be thought of as internal scarring).  Although the benefit is arguable by some, there has not been any detrimental effects that have been proven by doing them as instructed. They should NOT cause additional scarring.

The hardness that you feel is normal.  The lumps at he end of the incision sites are often the knots of the absorbable internal sutures that you may feel thru the skin.  Incisions and drain sites may also form "healing ridges" which is due early normal scar formation which softens up after a few weeks.   If you have concerns you should be examined by your plastic to confirm proper healing and reassure you during your recovery.

Adam Hamawy, MD
Princeton Plastic Surgeon
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