I Have 1 Implant & Several Crowns, Including 1 on the Implant. How Do I Get Repair?

I have several crowns put in by the same Dentist. One is on an implant. He had great difficulty getting them all to fit, especially the last one on the implant. It is a really, really tight fit. I had great trouble flossing. It has only been in a few years & I think it has become dislodged. ( I have an appt. next week ) That Dr. has since sold his practice. Do you have any suggestions for negotiating repair? I don't think this is typical?

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Repairs often mean remake

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Sometimes tight "feeling" crowns can be "sanded" down between the teeth to relieve some pressure.  Since it has been a few years, there is likely a small fee to pay for this.  More than this likely means remaking the crown or crowns.

All monetary negotiations or transactions are between you and the dentist.

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