Implant or Crown to Replace an Previously Veneered Front Tooth?

I had to have my top front tooth extracted. My 6 front teeth had veneers. I had planned to get a direct implant however there was not enough bone so I had a graft. Now I am not coping well with the denture and am considering the bridge option to minimise the time wearing it. My dentist is encouraging this and believes the best aesthetic look will come from a bridge. I'm 33 years old, the other teeth are healthy and I am happy with the veneers. Whats the best long term option for me? Thanks.

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Implant or Bridge

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Today, dental implants really are the standard for replacing missing teeth. The benefits of preserving bone and no cutting down of adjacent teeth, make implants the first and best choice if you've lost a tooth. An implant could be the least expensive and most reliable option for you long term.

Cleveland Dentist

Dental Implant is Your Best Option

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A Dental Implant is most likely your best option and has the best long term prognosis. As long as there is enough space.  Which tooth is missing a lateral incisor or a central incisor? Sometimes a lateral incisor space is small and a bridge may be a better option.  Implants usually have a better esthetic result as long as you are dealing with an experienced surgeon and restoring dentist. The average bridge lasts 5-7 years depending on the study you read. The Implant should last you a lifetime as long as you have regualr dental visits.  This also requires cutting down the healthy adjacent teeth.  Even though they have been cut slightly for a veneer, a crown prep is much more aggressive.  It is much more difficult to keep a bridge clean as well.  With an implant it will be easy to color match the adjacent veneers as well.  I know the temporary partial is annoying, but stick it out and have the implant.  You will be much happier in the end

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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