Does the Implant Company Only Makes Certain Sizes in Implants?

I recently had breast implants done. In the Doctors office I choose 250cc because I am very small for my age. During the surgery the Dr. decided to go with 220cc because he thought it looked more appropiate for my size. I went from a small 32a to maybe a fuller 32a or small b cup. I am very unhpapy with the size because it looks like I had nothing done. The Dr. said I can do over the surgery and decided to go with 420cc. Now he is telling that the company says they no longer make that size.

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Breast Implant Sizes

Thank you for your email.

The implant companies have all implant sizes and go up in increments (each company is a little different than the other in re: to size).  The silicone gel implants come pre-filled.  The saline implants are empty and the surgeon fills them in the operating room.

In my practice, the patients don't choose their implant size, they show me photos of their "goals" and I do my best to achieve that goal.  

I don't know if I helped with your questions but I hope so.


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Does the Implant Company Only Makes Certain Sizes in Implants?

There are Silicone implants and Saline implants. Most companies make a variety of size of implants but usually the Silicone implants change by about 25 cc from one size to the other. The saline implants have a similar arrangement but with Saline implants you can fill the implants with different amount of fluid and so they can be filled with more precise manner to the size of a sizer may present during the procedure and so easier to adjust during surgery!

Does the Implant Company Only Makes Certain Sizes in Implants?

Your question is very confusing. Did you have saline or silicone implants??? Please advise and post photos so we can help you. Regards 

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