7 days post op Breast Augmentation, I've noticed that my left implant seems to be shifted more toward my armpit. Is this normal?

I had a BA 7 days ago and as healing has progressed I've noticed that my left implant seems to be shifted more toward my armpit while my right is in a good position. My left breast was larger by 0.5 cm in measurements to begin with so that side has a 475cc silicone HP and right has 500. I know its too early to see permanent results but I want reassurance that they will look equal in size &shape. They are submuscular. Also, the left side appears/feels larger and is tighter and more uncomfortable.

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Breast augmentation post op

In submuscular implants placement we have to block the implants with a band do avoid that they can go higher than what we need. Anyways, you have swelling and it takes time to go out. In six month you will see your final result, but don't forget to be always in touch with your plastic surgeon.

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Breast augmentation and post-op

Without seeing you in person or seeing photos I can't really comment. If you have concerns, it might be a good idea to see your doctor.  What did he say when he saw you at your one week post-op exam?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Post breast augmentation

At 7 days it is still very early in the healing process after breast augmentation and some asymmetry is normal. As the implants settle, soften and drop the breast shape will change. Be sure to keep any scheduled follow up appointments you have for his evaluation and advice. Good luck! Dean Vistnes

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
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Postoperative results after Breast Augmentation

Although a picture may help in this case, you are definitely in the early period of recovery and swelling is always present.  Most likely this is the cause and will resolve over the next 4-6 weeks.  Your board certified plastic surgeon will continue to monitor your progress and reassure you as you recover.  One side appearing larger and tighter is not uncommon at all in this early postoperative period.  

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Too Soon to Tell

Hi there. At day 7, it is way too soon to make any determination about the placement of the implants. The swelling in the skin and the muscle will go down significantly in the first 3 weeks, and then more subtle changes will occur over the next 6 months to a year. The placement will be much more obvious as the swelling subsides and the skin, muscle, and breast tissue accommodate the implant. Be patient, and feel free to contact your surgeon about any concerns. Best wishes throughout your recovery.

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Early post op results from augmentation

are really hard to speculate on as to what your final result will be.  But if one side is harder, larger, and more painful, and it started suddenly, you could have a hematoma and this would require that you contact you surgeon.  Otherwise its always best to keep your surgeon informed of your concerns so your surgeon can help guide your recovery with certain massages or garments.  Your surgeon should be as motivated as you are the best possible results.

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Breast implant asymmetry

Without photos, this is very hard to answer.  It is very common for one side to hurt more than the other.  I've noticed that most people complain more of their non-dominant side.  Your PS would be your best source on info as to whether or not your particular situation is normal.

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In order to obtain useful commentary, you may want to consider posting some pre-op and current photos so that we can be more helpful.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Breast implants usually drop not move up word 7 days after breast augmentation

A normal course of events is that your implants will tend to descend her move into the pocket beneath your breast.  Moving up laterally towards the axilla or arm pit is unusual.

I suggest that you see her plastic surgeon for an examination to diagnose what is going on.

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