Can I Get Impants Without Breast Lift?

I have small breast with a little sag/extra skin and dont want to have a breast lift. After 2 children and breastfeeding I have a little extra skin and want to achieve larger fuller breast with implants - can i get these results without a breast lift?

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Can I Get Impants Without Breast Lift? Putting off the inevitable?

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The key words here are "a little sag". Depending on how much sag and the size of the implant and your laxity, this could be an option but do not substitute a lift with a large implanf for that is surely going to cause more sagging in the long term 

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No lift No problem

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Yes, a woman can get implants without a lift in some circumstances.  There is a tradeoff.  A larger implant is placed to fill out the loose skin and this gives the appearance of more MATURE breast ( less fullness at the top and more fullness at the bottom of the breasts).  If you are willing to accept this result then procedure can be done barring there are no other reasons not to proceed.  Get a couple of recommendations from board certified plastic surgeons.

Good Luck.

Dr. ES

Breast Lift versus Breast Implants

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The answer of whether you need a breast lift at the same time as breast implants really depends on your anatomy.  If you post pictures, we may be able to give you more specific advice.  However, if your nipples and areola are drooping, then you may need a lift.  Good luck.  

Breast implants and breast lift

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We women are incredibly aware of our breast appearance-- maybe even more than men are. Breasts are sexual and sensual, a big part of what makes us women, and they can dictate our sense of attractiveness and desirability (for better or worse). Many women embrace this procedure because it carries little risk of complication and because an implant can be inserted through a tiny incision and is a quick, nearly scarless operation. There are various factors regarding how you want your breasts to look and feel, but if you and your doctor have a good, open line of communication, you shouldn’t need to go back and forth on your decision.

If you're sagging or asymmetrical, and are looking for perkiness, you'll need a lift--or, if you also want more volume, a lift and implants. A breast lift raises droopy breasts from one to several inches and excess skin is removed. If you just want to go bigger, the only way to do that is with implants. The great thing about these techniques is that they can now be down with minimal scarring and performed as an outpatient procedure without the need for general anesthesia.

Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD
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Impants without breast lift

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Need photos!!! But my guess id I do not know. Seek opinions from 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area. Than decide upon the course of action.


Implants instead of lift

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Breast implants do provide some lift to the breast.  Depending on the amount of ptosis or sagging that you have and breast size that you are willing to accept, you may be able to get enough lift effect from a larger augmentation.  Consultation with a plastic surgeon will give you a better idea of how large you would have to go to achieve enough lift.  Beware that large implants placed above the muscle tend not to age well.  Good luck!

Breast implants without lift to correct a little sagging

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With small breasts and areolae (the colored area around the nipples) not below the crease under the breast, implants are all that you need. If the bottom of the areolae are below the crease but the nipple is above it, then you can sometimes get enough lift with just an implant. If the nipple is below the crease, then, to get a breast that has the nipple pointing forward, you need a lift. However, if you do not mind the nipple looking down some, then you can just do the augmentation alone. If you decide later that you do not like the nipple position, you can always have a lift then.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants without a lift

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Without examining you, it is difficult to tell whehter or not you will need a lift.  Sometimes a lift can be done just around the border of the areola whcih camouflages very nicely.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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You need to get examined...

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You need to get an opinion from a plastic surgeon who can examine you and understand your goals.

Some women are willing to accept a little bit of postoperative sag in order to avoid the scars of a lift. 

These women need to be well educated on what can be achieved with or without a lift.

Other women simply NEED a lift or they are going to have a horrible result.

I see women all of the time who go to surgeons who simply put in implants because the lady does not want a lift.  They then end up in my office for a secondary surgery with a lift disappointed with their original surgery and surgeon.  

My best advise is to look at some photos of women similarly shaped to you (ask your surgeon he/she should be able to show you) so that you know what can be achieved.

Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants can correct a little sagging.

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If your nipples are higher than the folds under your  breasts, breast augmentation without a breast lift may get you a good result.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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